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Use technology to start the new year with a Bang!

Use technology to start the new year with a Bang!

As we near the beginning of new academy year, most teachers will be preparing themselves for the start of another busy year. Many will be thinking of how to start the year to engage and inspire their students! Using technology positively and to its potential, can transform learning in so many ways. we always try to share and promote ways in which technology can do this. For the teacher, technology should eventually save time and in some cases money. The problem for some teachers is that when they embrace technology it doesn’t replace something else and becomes another job on top of what seems a never ending pile!

Here are a few ideas for how you can use technology from the start of the year and transform learning in your classroom
1. Create an online platform for your class

In simple terms… BLOG!!! Blogging has been one if not the most powerful tools in my classroom. I was surprised that it wasn’t included in the new curriculum and so many schools don’t do it. There are a few myths with blogging that can discourage teachers –

2. Embrace Social Media
If you want your blog to work, you need to get it seen. This means sharing the good work! This can be done by having a class/school twitter and facebook account. You are not encouraging children to use these sites, instead demonstrating safe and positive use by sharing their work with the world. Save time by using tools to automatically link your blog to your twitter or facebook page. The website DLVR.IT provides this service.
A couple of useful tips – update your policies if you are going to have a school/class twitter or facebook account. Make it clear that it is a one-way communication tool for parents and not a forum for discussion to avoid negative or unnecessary comments.